What is Hemp/CBD?
Hemp refers to the durable fibers that make up the stems of Cannabis plants, different from Marijuana plants. The fibers of CBD-dominant plants are stripped of their THC (the psychoactive compound) to produce Hemp Oil. In short, CBD — acronym for Cannibidiol — is the non-psychoactive compound found in Cannabis plants. Please note that CBD does not make people or pets feel ‘high’ like THC-dominant strains would.
What is Hemp/CBD used for?

While each individual reacts and benefits differently from Hemp/CBD, it has been said to treat inflammation, chronic pain, cancer-related ailments, anxiety and more. For a thorough list of ailments, please see our Pet Ailments list below.

Is it safe for my pets?
Safety is our number one priority. Our products are completely safe for all pets, of all sizes and ages without a prescription.
When will my pet start to experience the benefits?
Upon consumption your pet should experience relief or anticipated benefits within 30-45 minutes, and for long-term effects within a week to two weeks. If you are experiencing anything different, please contact us and let us know how it is working for your pet.
What if my pet is currently on medication?
Our products are completely safe to use at any time without a prescriptions. If you are concerned about the combination of medication or supplements your pet currently takes, please contact your prescribing veterinarian for more information.
Is CBD legal?
CBD is completely legal and safe to use for all pets, of all sizes and ages without a prescription.
Are there any side effects?
The use of CBD is a plant-based, all-natural approach to enhance your pet’s’ life. It is not a pharmaceutical and should not be treated or prescribed as so. If you are concerned with your pet reacting to the suggested dosage of any of our CBD products, please contact your veterinarian for further guidance.
Pet Ailments List

Our Pet Ailments list is a compilation of ailments our customers have used our CBD products for with success. For any questions about ailments you do not see listed, feel free to contact us.

Cancer-related ailments
Chronic Pain
Hip Dysplasia
Joint Pain
Mobility Issues and Pain