Martha’s Nose Balm


Contains 50mg of CBD (Cannabidiol) | 1oz vol. | THC FREE

Whether your dog has a slightly dry/cracked nose or, the more extreme, Nasal Hyperkeratosis (see pic below), Moe’s Nose can help.

**Nasal Hyperkeratosis: is a thickening of the skin that can occur in cats and dogs on their nose or paws. This is caused by an overproduction of keratin or the fibrous proteins that comprise the outer layer of the skin. This leads to excessive skin, which becomes hard, thickened, dried out, and callous-like. Paws and noses can develop cracks as a result of Hyperkeratosis, making it easy for infections to develop.

Enriched With CBD (Cannabidiol)

We started with the Who’s Who of natural moisturizers and then took it a step further by infusing each Martha’s Nose Balm with 50mg of Pure CBD (Cannabidiol) Isolate. Among many other great benefits, CBD is a powerful ingredient and can help soothe and heal dry and cracked skin.

The nose of a dog is very important and plays a tremendous role in the way they see and navigate the world. Dogs use their sense of smell similar to the way humans use their sense of sight. Keep your dog sniffin’ strong and ahead of the pack with Moe’s Nose.

How To Use:

  • Apply Martha’s Nose Balm 2-3x a day for the first 4-5 days (some dogs may require longer for the extra dry/cracked nose). Then as needed for maintenance.
    • *TIP: Give your dog a treat to distract them from licking the nose balm off before it’s absorbed. (Not to worry if your dog licks some from his nose, MARTHA’s NOSE BALM is made with all-natural ingredients)

MARTHA’s NOSE BALM can also be used on your dog’s paws and elbows to help heal minor cuts, scrapes, and dry skin.

* These statements have not been approved by the FDA.

Ingredients: shea butter, olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, avocado oil, cocoa seed butter, castor oil, pure CBD (Cannabidiol)



Made with ALL-NATURAL ingredients, Martha’s Nose Balm is a soothing nose balm to help your four-legged friends heal, protect and moisturize their nose (or paws). Martha’s Nose Balm uses natural oils and fats to hydrate and quench your dog’s thirsty nose. Help your pup go from a dry and cracked nose to a healthy, wet and smooth nose and back to some very important sniffing business! Enriched with 50mg of Pure CBD & safe for humans. ALSO MAKES A GREAT CBD LIP BALM!


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